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Read reviews and testimonials from real people who have purchased a vehicle from Arrowhead Honda in Peoria, AZ as well as Service Department and maintenance testimonials and reviews.

Service Department Reviews

I have always taken my vehicle there. Their service is that good, the people, the mechanics, all over.

They treated me well, and everything seemed to be fine. They were cooperative and helpful.

They treated me with respect, they kept me informed, and they finished it before they said they would.

They got it in quickly and done quickly. They did the repair right.

I have always been treated very well. The people are friendly and knowledgeable. They know what they’re doing.

The service is always great. They get the job done and do it well. It was timely.

They were prompt and they took it in early. They had the shuttle service that took me to work and picked me up where i needed it to. They washed my car.

I called that day because i ended up blowing a tire on the freeway. They got me in early and were good to me. They took the time to explain what happened with the tire. Overall, i am used to going to a car shop and being made to feel stupid because i don’t know a lot about cars. They don’t do that. They explain what is going on and i don’t have to wait too long. Dave, the service representative i deal with, does and excellent job. It was really how i was treated personally. They seem to know what they are doing with my car which I appreciate.

They’ve always taken good care of me. I have been going there and will continue going there.

I have never had a bad experience at arrowhead. The advisor always keeps you informed. It is just excellent. They are very professional and the customer service is just above and beyond.

I made the appointment and that went very smoothly. I dropped it off the night before and that went very smoothly as well. My service manager explained everything to my satisfaction and was very friendly.

They were remarkably consistent across the board. They were helpful and thorough in their explanations. They never surprise you with unexpected costs.

The service advisor was very nice. I got in quickly, got the battery changed and got out of there.

First Of All We Had A Very Pleasant Experience When We Bought My 2003 Honda At Arrowhead Honda In 2002. Since Then I Have Only Taken My Honda To Arrowhead Honda For All Its Maintenance And Repair Work Where I Have Always Been Very Happy With The Excellent Service And Excellent Customer Service.

I rated it a five for the honesty of our service representative in answering all of the questions we had on our vehicle. We were secure that the work was done correctly as we left the shop.

I have three children and they go with me. The service coordinator, or whomever i speak to, is always very polite to me and my children. They are very professional about explaining what needs to be done. They are honest about the time to get things done. When i need rides back home they are very accommodating. I feel respected as an individual there and they are really professional.

The guy was really nice and explained to me what needed to be done and why everything was done. It was all done in a timely fashion. It was good.

They were efficient. They finished on time. The prices were fine and they took me to a restaurant while i waited.

The service advisor told me several things that my car needed to have done. He was very good about explaining what was necessary and needed to be done right now as well as what could wait a little while due to financial restraints on my part that i had explained to him. They were very friendly and great. They are a great organization.

They have clean facilities. They were timely. The service advisor was attentive. He let me know what was going on.

Simply the best Honda Service Department on the planet! The entire staff goes out of their way to make me happy. You folks are the best. Thanks Arrowhead for all you do to meet my needs. Great service and whole transaction didn’t take long at all. Thank you.

David is the greatest! I couldn’t ask for more! He made sure I understood everything and prepared for what to expect my next visit! I always feel like the people at Arrowhead Honda from my sales person, Dino to David and to the people that greet me, are more like family then just a business relationship! Arrowhead Honda is the best and I will, of course, tell American Honda the same, as I have in the past.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we have been coming to Arrowhead Honda for service on both our Honda vehicles since moving to AZ in 2004. You have a fabulous service team working for you and Mitch, our Service Advisor, is by far one the best I have ever encountered. He is always courteous, friendly, helpful and, most of all very knowledgeable. Mitch provides exceptional customer service and we have come to rely on his expertise when servicing both of vehicles.

As a long-time customer of Arrowhead Honda, I appreciate the opportunity to give feedback regarding your service department. I cannot speak to the quality of other service people because Mitch Wilson has been my advisor for a number of years, but I can say that Mitch has given exceptional service. Over the years, he has gained my trust as no other has regarding how to maintain my vehicles, has answered any questions I have had with detailed information that even I can understand, and when I have been concerned about the performance of my vehicle, he has responded to messages left in a timely and professional way, In answer to any question your follow-up questionnaire might contain, I would give Mitch the highest rating!

I’m sure you know that a car can be purchased anywhere, but excellent service is rare. I can honestly say that the service Mitch has provided over the years is the primary reason Arrowhead Honda has my continued loyalty and, as a customer, I appreciate the fact that the dealer with whom I do business has the good sense to recognize the importance of their service personnel.

As always, I get great service from Brian Coover. I have 3 Hondas & have been using him for a few years and have been very satisfied. He is very pleasant and efficient. Rarely do I have a problem with the work that is done, either.

Hello, Please pass this message on to the service director of General Manager. My first car was a Honda and I have bought a new one every several years for more than 30 years. I like my cars so much that I often give them to my family members who also enjoy them for years to come. However, I have kept one that I am particularly fond of, my 1992 Honda Prelude (4WS). I have babied that car for 18 years and drive it only when I am in Arizona. It’s difficult for me to find quality service for it but last week, I found Arrowhead Honda! David Mach and his team leader, Jeff, did a fabulous job of taking care of me and my car! I will never go to another dealership when I need service in Arizona and will tell all my friends that Arrowhead Honda provides you with competent service while treating you fairly and with respect. Please let both of these men know how much I appreciated them taking care of my Honda. I love driving my newly serviced car. Not a day passes that someone doesn’t ask me to buy it!!!

My Service Experiences with My Honda Odyssey at Arrowhead Honda Have Been Great. Made This Way By My Service Advisor, Richard Ellis. He Is Always Honest, Tries To Get To The Bottom Of Each Problem Quickly And Thoroughly, Sets Appointments Quickly And Within My Schedule. All In All, He Is Awesome! Thank You!

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