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Honda Lease Return Center Peoria, AZ

Brittany Powers            Eric Galliani
        Brittany Powers
Lease-Retention Coordinator
         Arrowhead Honda


            Eric Galliani
Department Manager
Lease-Retention Director

             Arrowhead Honda

We are here to help you with all your options:

  • Buy-out your Honda lease
  • Turn your lease in (1)
  • Trade for a new Honda purchase or lease
  • We'll assist you with early termination



Why Lease with Honda Lease Trust?

Honda Lease Trust
  • *Total Asset Protection: Included
  • **Disposition Fee: $350.00*
  • ***Excessive Wear and Use Waiver: Up to $1,000.00

Toyota Financial Service
  • *Total Asset Protection: Additional
  • **Disposition Fee: $350.00
  • ***Excessive Wear and Use Waiver: $0.00

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation
  • *Total Asset Protection: Included
  • **Disposition Fee: $595.00
  • ***Excessive Wear and Use Waiver: $500.00

*Total Asset Protection (aka GAP): This pays off your lease regardless of negative equity. You must meet the minimum insurance requirements and be current on your lease.

**Disposition Fee: This fee is what the lender charges to sell your vehicle if the vehicle is returned to them. The fee is not assessed if you purchase your lease or purchase/lease another Honda from AHFS. Toyota Financial Services will waive this fee if you lease another Toyota through Toyota Financial Services. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) will not normally waive this fee. Honda Lease Trust does not charge a disposition fee if you purchase or lease another Honda.

***Excessive Wear and Use Waiver: As a lessee you are responsible for any excessive wear or damage. Honda Lease Trust will waive up to $1,000.00 worth of damage or excessive wear as long as damage is less than $500 per occurrence. Any occurrence over $500.00 is the customer's responsibility to repair or fix. NMAC will waive up to $500 worth of damage if the customer purchases or leases another New Nissan through NMAC. Toyota Financial Services does not have a waiver for excessive wear or damage.

Honda Lease Return

Approaching the end of your lease?

As your Honda lease end nears you may be wondering what's next. Learning about your options early will be beneficial to making a lease-end decision that is right for you. Our Lease-End Specialists at Arrowhead Honda are here to help make that transition easy and seamless.

What are my options?

Option 1: Return your leased Honda to Arrowhead Honda and purchase or lease a New Honda

  • This option allows you a convenient and easy way for you to exchange your leased Honda for a brand New Honda! We'll be happy to show you the latest models that interest you and discuss your options.
  • You will need to schedule a free lease-end vehicle inspection during the last two months of your lease. Simply e-mail us for more info:

Option 2: Return your leased Honda to Arrowhead Honda (even if you did not lease it at Arrowhead Honda)

  • Your lease concludes when you turn your Honda in to us.
  • You will need to schedule a free lease-end vehicle inspection during the last three months of your lease.
  • You will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excess wear and use, excessive miles, and any other end-of-term obligations specified in your lease agreement.
  • We make this process simple, just come to Arrowhead Honda and we'll take care of all the necessary paperwork.

Option 3: Purchase your leased Honda

  • If you are planning to purchase your leased Honda there will not be a need
    for a vehicle inspection nor any worry about excess wear, use, or mileage.
  • Arrowhead Honda offers low financing rates and extended protection plans.
  • Buying your leased Honda is a great way to continue benefiting from Honda's reliability, performance, and high resale value.

For any lease-end questions or to schedule your lease-end inspection please contact our Lease-Retention Coordinator: 

(1) Lease must be matured with Honda Lease Trust and Inspection completed by Honda Lease Trust.
(2) Some restrictions will apply. Vehicle must have clean car fax.

*You will not be charged the disposition fee as long as your purchase or lease another Honda.