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Arrowhead Honda's Vehicle Care Commitment

It's about "Peace of Mind"

Thank you for choosing Arrowhead Honda Service Department to handle your vehicle's service needs. In order to provide you the quality service you and your vehicle deserve, we have invested in the latest diagnostic equipment and information systems. These help us fully understand your vehicle's service and maintenance requirements so that we can service your vehicle in the most comprehensive and economical way possible.

We are pleased to present you a "Know Your Vehicle" report today. It's important to us that you leave our dealership with peace of mind, so we take the extra time necessary to analyze your vehicle's health to make sure it is operating at its optimum levels. This bumper-to-bumper inspection report will help you better understand your vehicle's performance and health. Staying on top of your vehicle's health is vitally important to ensuring your safety on the road.

Thank you for this opportunity to assist you. We appreciate your business. Please feel free to contact your Service Advisor if you have any questions or need additional information. We will do all in our power to put your mind at ease and keep you and your family safe on the road.

How we give you "Peace of Mind"

To help you understand what your vehicle needs to stay in top operating condition, we:

  • Perform a Worlds Class Inspection on your vehicle every visit
  • Review your vehicle's current and previous maintenance schedules
  • Search our extensive database to uncover anything we believe you should know about your vehicle based on its odometer ready and time on the road
  • Make recommendations and create a treatment plan for your vehicle
  • Offer a complete easy to read and understand report that enables you to make an educated decision for your vehicle's service needs. Items on the report will be classified as follows:
  • PASS - Items are new or "like new" and do not require service at this time.
  • CAUTION - Items that are dirty or showing signs of wear and would benefit for being serviced soon.
  • FAIL - Items that have either worn below minimum specifications or are no longer doing what it was designed to do and need to be repaired immediately.

Original Customer Requests

The following is what you requested we perform or investigate regarding your vehicle:

  • Rotate Tires with Visual Brake Inspection
  • MPI Electronic Multi-Point Inspection / Visual Inspection

Package Results: Arrowhead Honda - "World Class Inspection" "Know Your Vehicle Report"

Failed Task
Cautioned Task
Inspect air cleaner element

Inspect cabin/HEPA micro filter

Measure left front tire tread depth
Found air cleaner element to be dirty

Found cabin/HEPA micro filter dirty

5/32" to 7/32" - Inspect again next visit
Replace air filter element

Replace cabin/HEPA micro filter

Inspect again next visit
Passed Task
Fill windshield washer fluid

Perform battery performance test
Found washer fluid level low: Filled to proper level

Battery passes performance test
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks,, damage, and lose parts
  • Inspect engine mounts
  • Check power steering fluid level/condition/leaks
  • Check brake fluid level/condition/leaks
  • Inspect back-up light(s) operation
  • Inspect headlight low and bright beam operation
  • Inspect dash and interior lights operation
  • Inspect brake system components
  • Perform battery performance test
  • Inspect belts: serpentine, drive belts and timing
  • Inspect suspension components
  • Inspect wheel bearings for noise/play
  • Inspect fuel tank, lines and connections
  • Check engine oil level/condition/leaks
  • Check automatic transmission fluid level/condition/leaks
  • Inspect taillight, turn signal, side marker and license plate lights
  • Inspect windshield wiper/washer operation
  • Measure rear brake lining thickness
  • Inspect malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)/ warning lamp
  • Inspect battery terminal/cables
  • Inspect all hoses and clamps
  • Valve adjustment
  • Inspect Axles, Driveshaft(s) U-Joints and CV joints boots
  • Fill windshield washer fluid
  • Check engine coolant level/condition/leaks
  • Inspect brake light(s) operation
  • Inspect taillight, turn signal, side marker assemblies for cracks/damage
  • Inspect horn operation
  • Measure front brake lining thickness
  • Inspect all vehicle wiper blades
  • Inspect ignition wires, spark plugs and throttle body
  • Inspect steering and sway bar components