Hybrid vs. Electric: Which is Right for You?


One of the best ways to achieve a stronger fuel economy on Glendale and Phoenix roads is with either an electric or hybrid vehicle. While there’s much to discern between hybrid vs. electric models, there’s an option that suits better with your needs. See which is a better fit with our overview of hybrid vs. electric vehicles, and then explore our inventory at Arrowhead Honda today!

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: the Basics

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles live up to their name by offering the combination of a traditional gas-powered engine and a secondary electric motor. Both components work in sync to deliver a balanced performance and greater fuel savings over your standard models. The other significance of hybrid models is that the battery for the electric motor in hybrid vehicles self-charges, making it more convenient to plan out your next journey. 

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles run solely on electric power and typically come with no engine, and instead only feature a battery and electric motor. Since the car relies on this battery for much of its performance and functions, the battery is much larger than a hybrid battery. Plus, you’ll have to work to install your very own home charging port as well as become familiar with public charging stations around Phoenix and Glendale so you’ll be sure to have enough power to get to where you need to be.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars provide the perfect transition for those looking to make the switch from gas to electric on Surprise and Phoenix roads. One huge advantage is that you won’t have to change your driving habits and you can still rely on a quick trip to the gas station to fill up when you need it. Here are some more perks to choosing a standard hybrid over an electric vehicle below:

  • The battery charges itself
  • You can stop and fuel up at any gas station
  • Hybrids are often more affordable than EVs

Compare More Hybrid vs. Electric Cars at Arrowhead Honda

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to compare hybrid vs. electric cars, but are you ready to experience the difference on Surprise roads with your very own Honda hybrid? Bring home a new Honda hybrid for sale from Arrowhead Honda and save on your next ride when you browse our rotating inventory of new vehicle specials or national offers and incentives.  Our sales team can answer any questions or you can apply for financing or value your trade-in online from home to get started. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a test drive at our dealership here in Peoria!