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Thanks to more and more advancements in cars, there are systems in place that constantly check to make sure the various components of your car are operating the way they are designed to as you cruise around Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, and Phoenix.

When something is off, your Honda HR-V will be able to detect low fluid levels or other system malfunctions and give you a warning on your dashboard. What do each of these warning icons mean and what should be your next step when you see one?

Below are some of the common Honda HR-V dashboard lights that may appear in your vehicle. If you do see an icon that’s alerting you of an issue, you can schedule a service appointment at Arrowhead Honda to have the problem fixed.

Malfunction Indicators

Brake System Light

When these dashboard lights appear, it is your car letting you know that there may be a problem that requires immediate attention.

Brake System: When you see the word “BRAKE” appear on the dashboard, your brake fluid may be low or there’s a malfunction in the brake system. Check the pedal pressure by pushing lightly on the brake pedal. If that seems normal, then check your brake fluid level. 

Low Oil Pressure: If your engine oil is low, the Honda HR-V will flash an icon that looks like an old oil can on your dashboard. You can check the oil level and add more if necessary. If the light stays on after that, have your car serviced as soon as possible.

Anti-lock Brake System: There’s a problem with the anti-lock brake system when you see the letters “ABS” appear in a circle on the dashboard. You’ll want to get your car serviced immediately.

Electric Power Steering: If there’s a steering wheel with an exclamation point next to it, your HR-V is telling you that there’s a problem with your power steering system. Pull over and stop the vehicle, then restart the engine to see if the steering returns to normal.

Condition Indicators

Low Tire Pressure Light

These HR-V dashboard lights are letting you know that you need to perform an action to avoid a more serious issue.

Parking Brake: When the brake icon appears, it may also be simply letting you know that the parking brake is still engaged. Make sure you release the parking brake before you start to drive.

Low Fuel: When you see a fuel tank illuminate on your dashboard, you’ll want to make sure you refuel as soon as possible since you’re running low on gas. If this light continues to stay on after you refuel, there may be a problem with the fuel gauge and you’ll want to have your car serviced.  

Low Tire Pressure: With the tire pressure monitoring system equipped in the Honda HR-V, your vehicle will know when your tire pressure becomes too low. If you see an exclamation point inside two curved lines, you’ll want to check your tire pressure next time you’re stopped. If any of your tires are low, inflate each tire to the proper pressure.

On/Off Lights

There are also other lights on your dashboard that keep you aware when certain systems are engaged or not. If you have an HR-V with Honda Sensing®, there are various lights to let you know when these systems are on. You’ll also be able to see when the Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) system is off or on, as well as the various lighting systems of your vehicle.

See Any Warning Lights on Your Dashboard?

If you see any of these Honda HR-V dashboard lights or another light that’s alerting you of an issue while you’re out driving around West Valley, Surprise, Phoenix, or Glendale, our technicians can help.

They’ll be able to determine what the problem is and quickly fix it for you. Visit our service center today at Arrowhead Honda to have your Honda HR-V serviced.