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Newer Honda Civics are equipped with many high-tech features to keep you safe and protected, from electric power steering to improve its handling to a lane keeping assist system that prevents you from straying on the road.

Fortunately, they’re also equipped with indicator lights to let you know the status of each system and alert you in the event something goes wrong under the hood. These dashboard lights help you stay aware of what’s going on in your car, so that you can take action if needed to keep it running smoothly in Phoenix, West Valley, and Surprise, AZ.

That’s why it’s important to know what the different symbols mean, so you know how to react when you’re driving around Peoria, Glendale, or Sun City and one lights up. Learn about some common and misunderstood Honda Civic dashboard lights in this guide from Arrowhead Honda.  Schedule a service appointment today!

Red Dashboard Lights

Dashboard Light

Red warning lights generally indicate issues that need to be addressed immediately before you continue to drive. Sometimes, they only require a simple action.

For instance, the word “BRAKE” usually means the parking brake is activated, and you need to release it before driving. However, if it appears while you’re driving, there may be something wrong with your brake system. Safely come to a stop, downshifting the transmission if you need help slowing the car. Then, get your brake fluid and system checked immediately.

Additionally, the light that shows a seat belted passenger is a reminder to make sure all passengers’ seat belts are securely fastened. Otherwise, this light will blink, along with a continuous beeping sound, once you start driving.

Other red dashboard lights alert you to more serious issues. If any of these lights appears on your dash and stays on, contact your service center right away to diagnose the issue on your Honda Civic. For instance:

  • An oil can that looks a bit like a genie’s lamp means your oil pressure is low. Stop in a safe place and check the oil level, adding more if necessary.
  • A battery symbol means the battery is not charging—often an issue with the alternator or electrical system. Turn off electrical features like the stereo system and A/C, but leave your Civic running until you reach your destination.
  • A passenger with an orb in its lap signifies an issue with the airbags or seat belt tensioners in the Honda Civic, meaning you may not be protected in event of a collision.

Amber Dashboard Lights

Powering Steering Light

Lights that are amber or yellow in color are still critical, but less urgent than red ones. Some examples include:

  • A horseshoe-like symbol around an exclamation mark is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Check your tire pressure as soon as possible, adding air if necessary to reach the correct pressure.
  • Two cars with a star above and arrow below indicate an issue with the Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™). Check the temperature inside the camera or check the camera and sensor for blockage.
  • A steering wheel next to an exclamation mark indicates an issue with the electric power steering. Restart the engine after stopping in a safe place. Contact your service center if it remains lit.

Green and Blue Dashboard Lights

Instead of warning you of a potential issue, green and blue dashboard lights simply convey information. Common examples include your turn signal and high beam indicators.

If you see the letters “ACC” in green, this means your Adaptive Cruise Control is turned on. However, if these letters are yellow, it indicates an issue with the system.

A plant-like symbol means ECON mode is turned on, and your Honda Civic is taking steps to increase your fuel efficiency as you drive. This includes things like limiting engine throttle and adjusting climate control settings.

Honda Civic Dashboard Lights: Contact Us for Help

If your Honda Civic is alerting you to system issues with a warning light, or you have questions about a light not mentioned here, Arrowhead Honda is here to help. Contact our service center right away so our service technicians can help you diagnose and repair the issue. Schedule an appointment online.

Our service center is happy to serve Honda Civic drivers in Peoria, Glendale, Sun City, Phoenix, West Valley, and Surprise, AZ.